13 July 2017, Thursday

Looking back from Dec 2016, it all started with a Facebook message, followed by a Christmas dinner with a group of friends. I wouldn’t know it is going to be the start of the problem. All I wanted was to chill out and have a dinner, that is all. I was given a notebook by my friend to write my New Year’s Resolution and I wrote “Exposure & Self Discovery”

Exposure and self discovery still mean a lot to me at the present moment because I just felt that I haven’t been exposed to much things and haven’t really discovered and understand myself fully.

This Christmas group dinner will very well be my start of my “Christian Life”. Looking back at the first dinner session, it all ended with a card from this particular church.. I was wondering how come it didn’t alerted me that I’m going to step my foot into this path. This path is something I didn’t want to head to but because I’m fearful of rejecting people that I kept quiet and continued the “journey” or “playing along”. Whatever it is, I’m not really certain, but one thing I am certain is to exposed myself to more things. I guess the openness to expose myself gives people the impression that I am interested in things they would like me to be part of?

This is going to be a problem which I am going to have to figure it totally out someday. Through writing, I hope to gain greater self clarity.

Another problem that I’ve faced is for the previous semester, I did not do well for my exams leading to resit 1 module: Financial Management. The killer module whereby I think I’ll scrap through but didn’t.

By reflecting on what I did wrong, there are a few things that are straight up obvious.

  1. I was complacent and thought that I didn’t need to attend lessons to do well and yet did not put in the due effort to compensate the missed lesson.
  2. I did not manage my time well from the beginning and allocate solid revision and study times for the modules.

Next semester I promise put in the due effort and make it the best semester I’ve ever had and be the hardest worker that I’ve ever been.


It’s funny

How I always turn to writing blog posts during my exam periods. Nothing to write here! :/

My 2017 Goals

My goals for this year are: Self Discovery and Exposure. In no particular order, I would like to achieve this 2 things.

So, first question will be: How do I go about achieving them?

For self discovery, I would like to find my passion by taking up personal projects. For a start, I will start by doing something related to the environment. First step will be to register for the Nparks Volunteer Programme held on 18 January 2017. This first step will enable me to get to know more like-minded people and also get in touch with the environmental plans/activities.

For exposure, I would like to be more exposed to meeting new people and challenge myself everyday. To accomplish that, I would like to schedule every month at least one time, I will take an effort to meet customer. For this January month, I will make an effort to go down to one customer’s event. In addition, I will make an effort to attend one meet-up session  using the meetup application.

Food for thought for readers out there: What are your goals for 2017 that you would like to achieve?


In about 13 and a half hour, I would be sitting for my second last paper. It is a customer relationship management paper. It’s been a tiring day for me today. I’ve got to hang on and don’t give up. Do my best and get over and done with. After tomorrow’s paper, Friday will be my last paper. Managerial Accounting. 

Note to self, just keep moving. 

Dear colleague,

You have been essential and instrumental in the development of my well being. It’s been a pleasant journey with you.

Good times don’t last, but memories do last a lifetime. We have to consistently be appreciative of whatever life gives us. The regrets in my life have always been not able to be more appreciative of the people around me. The unspoken words sometimes carry the most meaning.

If I am able to rewind time, I wish I have the ability to try to make things flow well, leading to a desired outcome. I am blessed to have met people who value add to my life and vice versa. I just hope good things last, but sadly life is like a roller coaster and we got to appreciate the dynamic life and keep on moving.

Thank you.


Feeling pretty good despite obstacles

Ever since I’ve been promoted up to the Sales Executive, work for me has become fun, challenging and tiring at the same time. Today, I told myself I want to accomplish and that and break away from my bad habits. I’m starting off this Monday STRONG!

I think it is very important to constantly remind yourself to keep yourself on the track and not lose focus.

I was asked about my age today by a colleague. I was thinking..23? Then I proceeded to say I’m born in 1992, so she figured it was 24. MAN, I’m 24 already? Holy shit, time really flies! Doesn’t it?

Fast forward to the main point of this blog post: Important Lessons I’ve learnt today

You got to have the MOTIVATION and FIRE within you and be AGGRESSIVE

INNOVATION is essential for business development


Things may seem dull, but there are colours somewhere

Sitting on my computer desk, playing relaxing yoga music..here I am penning down my thoughts once again.

Seemed like today will be another depressing day to begin with.

My current relationship isn’t going any well and it’s not the right time to break it off yet because the other party threatened to commit suicide.

No idea how to carry on typing this anyways. Gotta prep for work now.

Signing off,

Small man


Calling it quits

It has been a month since I last played a computer game. I’ve been trying so hard to quit computer gaming. Time wastage was the main reason.

I’ve tried lots of methods and it took me a long time to quit. I’ve been quitting and failing repeatedly. I have to say, up till today I’m still trying to quit.

I have tried the following methods:

  • Limiting or reducing my play time. Personally, this works only for a short term period, because my mind has always been thinking about gaming. Limiting playtime ironically increases my urge to play more  instead. This method is necessary for quitting a bad habit.
  • Distracting myself with other things in replacement of the bad habit. This method works better than the above one since you’re substituting playtime with alternative things to do. Ironically, this method of abstinence increases my urge to play more when a trigger kicks in.  The trigger will be stress from work, resulting in the need to find something to relieve the stress.

So..how did I manage to quit?

It’s funny, but my computer broke down forces me no choice but to quit. In replacement, I use a study laptop which has been with me since the start of my first semester in university this year. The laptop specifications are not good enough to run high-end games. Of course, to make the quitting of bad habit more complete and thorough, I keep telling myself constantly to stop the urge to play.

I almost failed the quitting of bad habit again..

I went back to downloading the game and while waiting for the download, I was listening to my head telling me it’s gonna be fine. Just one game. Once the download finished, I hesitated to install it. I remember a sentence which my dad has told me when I told him it was so hard to quit. He told me “You’ve been trying to quit gaming, but whenever you got that urge to play, you should stop the urge because if you overcome this urge, you’ll be closer to success.” Therefore, I stopped the installation and left it in my desktop and deleted it a few days later.

Understanding that the bad habit will continue to strike back again

I know when I got the time to fix my desktop. I might go back to gaming since my new computer can support it. I plan to lengthen the time of not having a gaming computer so that I can suppress and eliminate the urge. Every day, I’m constantly telling myself not to go back to the bad habit. I’m sure if I carry on this over time, I can win the war within me.


Random thoughts

It’s okay to fail at trying, well at least you tried, get a better plan next time!

It is okay to be distracted sometimes, given the easy access to social media and technology, get better next time round!

It is okay to make mistakes, who doesn’t make mistakes in their life and are all perfect? Think about it.. There is no doubt the most successful person/people have made the most mistakes in their life and they learn from it!


What will be the change that I’ll be making today that will enable me to be closer to my goals, to enable me to be an overall more productive person?

Key change for today will be to avoid distractions and stay focused.

Finish work related stuffs, give myself a break. Move on to work on a school assignment which is to read a synthesis essay. My goal will be to finish it at the end of this week 2359H. First complete draft must be done. 

I’ll be taking a careful approach towards achieving this. Reason being that I’ve wasted my weekends on distractions. 

I want to succeed on this!